Addiction to Online Gambling

By 24 July 2021

The advent of online casinos made access to casino gaming much easier than before. The ease of access makes it hard for players to control their gaming activities, resulting in addiction. More info at .

What is Gaming Addiction?

If you cannot control the amount of money and time you spend playing casino games or betting on sports, chances are, you are addicted to gambling. Essentially, gambling addiction is the uncontrollable desire to keep gaming.

  1. It is essential to control your gaming activities to avoid addiction.
  2. Addictive gambling has negative effects, such as straining relationships or money loss.

Gaming disorderĀ involves repeated gambling patterns that cause distress or problems in your life. Also, it is referred to as compulsive gambling. The effects of casino gaming are similar to the effects someone gets from drugs like alcohol.

Causes of Gambling Addiction

You may become addicted to gambling for several reasons. The common cause is the urge to win some money even after a loss. You find it hard to stop after since you still want to try your luck.

Some players seek fun and excitement in online casino gambling. If you are the type of player who seeks fulfilment in playing casino games and don't set limits, the chances of becoming addicted are high.

Symptoms of Problematic Gaming

People with problematic gaming usually hide this behaviour and lie to cover their addiction. Sometimes, they may turn to other people for financial help. The initial symptom is the urge to stake an increasing amount of money.

Another symptom is restlessness whenever you try to stop or cut down gaming. Also, you may experience repeated and unsuccessful efforts to cut back or stop. Moreover, having frequent gambling thoughts or gambling when distressed signify addiction.

What Triggers Gambling Addiction?

Gambling leads to a range o problems if not controlled. The problem can affect anyone, and once it affects a player, it may interfere with their work, finances and relationships with family and friends.

  • Set limits to prevent addiction
  • Factors like retirement and traumatic circumstances trigger problematic gambling

Several factors can lead you to uncontrolled gaming that ends in addiction. These could be retirement, traumatic life experiences, emotional upheavals like anxiety and depression, loneliness, and environmental factors like ease of access to casinos.

How to Stop Addiction

Today, many casinos are promoting responsible gaming. They have resources and tools that can help you control your gaming or end addiction. For example, most casinos allow you to limit how much you spend on gaming.

Further, you can consider therapy to help you fight the urge to bet on casino games or sports. Self-help groups can also help with the problem where you confide in people with a similar problem.